In-person, outdoor worship services have resumed. Please join us in person, or online on Sunday mornings for the live stream of our services.

- Updated 11/17/20

Know before you arrive

Park in the back, the freeway-side door will be closed.

Print out sermon notes ahead of time.

Gold Coast is regathering for Sunday services. As you might imagine, things will be a little different than our typical Sunday services.

Here are some changes you can expect to see:

  1. We ask all at-risk individuals to continue attending virtual services.
  2. All individuals attending a Sunday gathering must wear a mask and maintain all social distancing protocols (e.g., stay six feet away from those not in your immediate family, refrain from handshakes and hugs).
  3. We will be using a temperature scanner to ensure each person is fever-free.
  4. We will have seating arranged to spread attendees out.
  5. We will be limiting our capacity to 80 persons in the worship center at a time, including all volunteers, musicians, tech, pastors.
  6. We will collect the offering by having a basket at the exits (we won’t be passing baskets in the usual manner). No bulletins will be handed out either.
  7. We will have a capacity limit for bathroom usage to ensure appropriate physical separation.
  8. We may have the hallways set up with unidirectional flow similar to a one-way street.
  9. We will facilitate how people exit the worship center to prevent a bottleneck at the door.
  10. We will instruct those in attendance not to gather to socialize indoors next to the worship center, but to go outside and maintain the appropriate physical distance.

We know some of these protocols are burdensome, but we are excited and grateful for the chance to regather. Your participation in following these guidelines is essential. Thank you!

– Gold Coast Pastoral Staff

For more information, please visit the California guidelines for reopening places of worship