6.12.22 The Enemy Within  (Heroes and Zeros- Part 7)

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The Enemy Within

 (Heroes and Zeros- Part 7)

June 12, 2022


The Passage: Judges 6 & 7

1. Context and spiritual state of Israel in time of Gideon

The real problem in Israel was not the Midianite oppression but Israel’s  double-minded faith.

2. Gideon is commissioned

Gideon is living in fear, full of excuses- a very reluctant vessel.

3. God’s Command

Baal must go before the Midianites can go!  God’s altar can’t be built until Baal’s altar is destroyed.

4. Big test comes

God turns Gideon into a SUPER-HERO!

5. God reduces Gideon’s army to 300

The battle is the Lords!