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TODAY, SEPTEMBER 7, IS THE RESCUE MISSION OUTREACH, 4:15 TO 6:15 PM. To sign up, contact Stuart Baker at 805.427.5528 or


TOMORROW, in our current series, The Upside Down Kingdom, we’ll be tackling the third Beatitude that Jesus gives us in Matthew 5:5- “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” This one just may be the least popular of them all. Meekness, like so many of the character traits we find in the beatitudes, is misunderstood by most people today. “Meek” rhymes with “weak” and we can mistakenly think it means resigned, lowly, brow-beaten. Calling someone “meek as a mouse” is anything but a compliment. I read this week about some graffiti on a wall. Somebody had written, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth,” and underneath it, someone else had scrawled, “If that’s all right with the rest of you!” I think you’re going to be encouraged to see what Jesus has to teach us about true meekness. It’s going to be a great morning, learning and worshiping together. Invite a friend to join you!


WE WANT YOUR GOLD COAST BIRTHDAY GREETING: We’re putting together a video of short birthday greetings from a number of different individuals to show during the service on September 15th. It would be great to have a short video from you!


Your greeting needs to be SHORT (3 seconds)! In addition to being short, please record it in the landscape mode (horizontally) with lots of love and energy!


Email them to Pastor Braulio at by this Wednesday night (September 11.) Thanks!


20TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, ONE WORSHIP SERVICE AT 10:00 AM/LUNCH & FUN AT 11:30 AM: Get ready to celebrate with music, food, fun activities for the kids, and more!


Complimentary food tickets are available tomorrow at the table outside by the coffee and donuts.


While you’re getting your tickets, sign up to help with children’s games for 30-minute increments.


Also, we need at least 8-10 of the following items:


-Corn hole games

-Bean bags

-Pop-up shade canopies


Contact Emy Russell for set-up/clean-up at


Contact Dianna DeRemer with any questions at


BAPTISMS ON SEPTEMBER 15: Have you committed your life to Jesus? If so, have you been baptized yet? Jesus directs us to “be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19). Being baptized is one of the greatest events of our life! Email me back to make arrangements to be baptized during our 10 AM worship service on September 15th!


GOLD COAST T-SHIRTS ARE HERE: If you ordered a Gold Coast t-shirt, you can pick it up at the table in the lobby tomorrow. If you haven’t paid for your shirt yet, you can make check payments to Gold Coast Church and write “T-shirts” on the memo line. Or for text payments, text 77977, and choose Promos. There will be extra t-shirts available for purchase in the lobby. Get yours tomorrow to wear at the birthday celebration on September 15.


LIFE GROUPS STARTING NOW: The primary purpose of LIFE Groups is joining with other believers and doing life together in community. It’s where we connect and assist one another in our faith journey. If you are new to a LIFE Group or wish to change to a different LIFE Group, sign up at the Welcome Center today, where you can see a list of the available groups. Questions, please contact Darrell Foote at or 805.660.3061.


BUDDY TRAINING, TOMORROW, SEPTEMBER 8, AFTER THE 10:45 AM SERVICE: Families in our community who have children with special needs need to know God’s love and care! Buddy Training provides info on how to help by being a Buddy at Buddy Break, a free respite program where kids have fun and parents get a break from their on-going child care responsibilities. Buddy Training will be after the second service tomorrow, at about 12:15 pm in the Youth Room. Lunch will be furnished. Adults are provided with a free back-ground check. Kids can serve as Buddy Helpers. Sign up on online under the Get Connected tab. Contact Tana Seufert at 805.824.5794 or with any questions.


ONE CITY/ONE CHURCH SERVE DAY, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12: Save the date for the annual Oxnard churches’ Serve Day! Order your One City One Church Serve Day t-shirts tomorrow at the Gold Coast Welcome Desk for a minimal cost. (Order by 9/29 to wear on OCOC Serve Day.) You will have the opportunity to choose where you want to serve. Some of the projects are passing out water and lunches, distributing flowers, feeding the homeless, beach and alley clean-ups. There are other outreach ministries as well. If you have any questions, contact Darrell Foote at or 805.660.3061. Sign up at tomorrow at the Welcome Desk in the Gold Coast lobby!


FATHER & SON RETREAT, OCTOBER 4-6: Angeles Crest makes it super easy for you to connect with your son. Food. Fun. Worship. Cabins. Time together. This year’s theme of workMANship will provide you and your son great conversations about seeking God the Father to light our path and direct our steps to walk in what He has prepared for us. REGISTER FOR THE FATHER & SON RETREAT at The cost includes: 3 days, 2 nights of connecting with your son, along with 5 all-you-can-eat meals, mountain cabin lodging, inspiring worship and teaching, and more fun than you’ll have time for. If you have never been to an Angeles Crest Father and Son Adventure Camp, thanks to a generous donor, your fee is 50% off! Call Vicky to register at 800-289 -8309 or enter special CODE: NEWS0 HERE.


THE HUDDLE, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21: Men, let’s meet at 7:30-9:00 am on the 3rd Saturday of each month here at the church. Plan on good conversation as we discuss the most important attributes men need to survive in today’s modern world. Food and coffee will be available. Donations are accepted. Sign up through our website. Contact Louis DeLuca with any questions at



Saturday                    September 7      2 Ki 25; 2 Chr 36; Jer 40-41; Rev 12

Sunday                      September 8      Jer 42-44; Ps 48; Rev 13

Monday                     September 9      Lam 1-2; Obad; Rev 14

Tuesday                    September 10    Lam 3-5; Rev 15

Wednesday              September 11    Dan 1-2; Rev 16

Thursday                   September 12    Dan 3-4; Ps 81

Friday                         September 13    Ezek 33-35

Saturday                    September 14     Ezek 36-37; Ps 110

Sunday                      September 15     Ezek 38-39; Ps. 145


See you tomorrow!