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Hello Gold Coast!

As some of you know, I am heading to Bolivia again this Wednesday morning. I will be traveling with my brother and our two friends that we have served with in Bolivia in the past. This trip, we will be assisting with several much-needed maintenance projects around the orphanage. In addition, and the primary reason for going is to give some “dad time” to the kids of Talita Cumi. The children (28 kids) have some house moms (tias) that work there, but no house dads (tios). Thus they don’t get a lot of proper male attention. On this trip, each afternoon, I and a couple others will take a small group of kids (3-5 each day) on a fun outing. The goal will be to show these kids a tiny sample of our Father God by spending time with these kids as a loving father would spend with his kids. This time of year, Bolivia will be very hot, humid, and smokey from the fires raging in Bolivia (over 4.2 millon acres). But I am grateful for another opportunity to serve God and His children in Bolivia.

I have two requests.

First: as always, I would request prayer. Prayer for Angela and the girls while I am away, prayer for safe travels for the team heading to Bolivia, for safety while we are in Bolivia, for the ability to do effective ministry, and for opportunities to help these children draw closer to God.

Second: each time we go to Bolivia, we bring items that are much easier to obtain in the States than in there. Things like Contigo water bottles, tools, shoes for the kids, etc. We have been able to get all of the things we need for this trip except for a medium sized suitcase to transport the items. If you have a medium sized suitcase that you no longer need (I will leave the suitcase in Bolivia), I need to get one by Tuesday evening. If you have one that you can donate, I would very much appreciate it. Also, if you can help meet up with me as close to Thousand Oaks as possible, that too would be much appreciated.

Please contact me at 805-338-4758 by Tuesday morning if you can help.

Thank you, Gold Coast family!

God Bless!

Pastor Tim