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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHARON!  I’m so thankful I get to do life with you! I appreciate the way you love Jesus, me, our family and all those God brings across your path. I love you!


TOMORROW we start a new ‘mini’ series, within our study through the Gospel of Matthew, as we look at the Beatitudes in Matthew 5. We’re calling it “The Upside-Down Kingdom” because what he describes as a blessed and happy life is the opposite of what the world would say it is. Tomorrow we’re going to drill down on the first one Jesus mentions- “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Mt. 5:3) I’m excited about what we’re going to learn together. I look forward to seeing you!


20TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, ONE WORSHIP SERVICE AT 10:00 AM/LUNCH & FUN AT 11:30 AM: Complimentary food tickets will be available tomorrow at the table outside by the coffee & donuts. Get ready to celebrate with music, food, fun activities for the kids, and more! Sign up to help with children’s games, decorating, set up, and clean up at the table in the lobby tomorrow. You can also contact Emy Russell for set-up/clean-up at or contact Dianna DeRemer with any questions at


GOLD COAST T-SHIRT PAYMENTS: If you ordered a t-shirt and need to pay for it, please make sure you do so by September 6th for online or text payments. For check or cash payments, please pay by September 8th. Make check payments to Gold Coast Church and write “T-shirts” on the memo line. For text payments, text 77977 and choose Promos. T-shirts that have been ordered and paid for will be handed out on September 8th.


LIFE GROUPS START THE WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 8: The primary purpose of LIFE Groups is joining with other believers and doing life together in community. It’s where we connect and assist one another in our faith journey. If you are new to a LIFE Group or wish to change to a different LIFE Group, please go to the Welcome Desk in the lobby tomorrow for a current list of available groups or for more information. If you have any questions, please contact Darrell Foote at 805.660.3061 or


1ST SATURDAY SERVE DAY, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7: Here is your opportunity to do various service projects for seniors, disabled residents, and under-resourced families on the 1st Saturday of most months. Projects are based on those who sign up. If you are interested in participating, go to the Welcome Desk tomorrow and fill out a Serve Day form. Contact Darrell Foote at or 805.660.3061 with any questions.


PRAYER FOR MISSIONS, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 1: On the first Sunday of each month, please gather in the Worship Center after the 2nd service to pray for the missions and missionaries that Gold Coast supports. Contact Mike or Lynne Yeaman at or 805.331.3899, or Tim Kanter at for more info.


RESCUE MISSION, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7: Oxnard outreach is from 4:15-6:15 pm on the first Saturday of each month. To sign up, write “Rescue Mission” on your Connection Card tomorrow, go online, or contact Stuart Baker at 805.427.5528 or


JOIN A SUNDAY MORNING MINISTRY TEAM: The Café, Welcome Desk, and Greeter ministry teams are looking for some additional volunteers to assist approximately once a month on Sunday morning. Sign up on your Connection Card this Sunday, our website, or contact Darrell Foote at or 805.660.3061.



Saturday                    August 24                 Jer 33-34; Ps 74; 1 Jn 5

Sunday                      August 25                 Jer 37-39; Ps 79; 2 Jn

Monday                     August 26                 Jer 50-51; 3 Jn

Tuesday                    August 27                 Jer 52; Rev 1; Ps 143-144

Wednesday              August 28                 Ezek 1-3; Rev 2

Thursday                   August 29                 Ezek 4-7; Rev 3

Friday                         August 30                 Ezek 8-11; Rev 4

Saturday                    August 31                 Ezek 12-14; Rev 5

Sunday                      September 1             Ezek 15-16; Ps 70; Rev 6



See you tomorrow,